Prison Ministries

Hebrews 13:3
"Remember those in prison..."

Click here to listen to Elder Larry Barker (Regional Director South Carolina SDA Prison Mnistries) present the message above to the Oakhill SDA church on 6-27-2015 concerning prison ministries.

Would you like to get involved with Prison Ministries?

You can contact:

Ms. Bonnie Reeves, Oakhill SDA Church

Mr. Mark White, New Jerusalem SDA Church

Three easy steps to get started in Prison Ministries:

1.  Express a desire to serve God in this vital church ministry to your Pastor or Head Elder.

2.  Call and talk to the Chaplin assigned to your local, county, or state institution (Define the need and attend orientation).

3.  Present a commitment and determination to serve the Lord and to present the message of Christ to those searching for the Love of God.